People often ask what is a consultation and why do we need one? Think of it as your map. If you don't know where you're going and you don't know how to get there, you won't reach your destination. Your consultation is the most important when preparing your home for sale. We spend valuable time to create and design a plan for your unique home and situation. We look at all aspects of your house that is now a product and like all products you have competition. We neutralize, declutter, space plan and accessorize to create an atmosphere of home that appeals to a broader audience. We know that everyone has different styles and taste, so our goal is to display your home in a manner that catches the attention of many potential buyers. Buyers must be able to SEE themselves living there and emotionally connect with your property. If they can't see it, you can't sell it. We understand that every budget is different and that's why we offer consultations to give you the roadmap to success before you list allowing you to give the best impression right out of the gate.

Consultations include a preview of the property, recommendations for design plan, accessory placement, color palette, lighting and landscaping. From the curb, through the house and to the backyard we design a concise plan that will highlight and display what your home has to offer. Vendor referrals are supplied for services needed outside of the staging scope, painters, handyman etc. This typically takes 2 hours but can take longer depending on the size of the property. Some clients prefer to implement the plan and recommendations on their own while some will prefer to pick a package below for assistance.     Rental accessories are available if needed. 


For clients that just need a little assistance implementing the recommendations from their consultation, the Glam Slam is a power packed two hour session with two stagers assisting with furniture placement, hanging wall art, positioning accessories and putting the final touches to make your photos shine. Rentals available if needed. 

Full Day Home Staging

Full day Stage up to six hours of Staging time. Our team will complete the home staging from your consultation plan for you while you go out for the day. Your house will be transformed and dressed up for listing day. Rentals available if needed. 

Luxury Home Stage

Luxury Homes are typically larger spaces that require more specific furnishings to achieve a luxurious feel. We will leave no stone unturned to create an atmosphere of luxury yet still comfortable for gathering. Typically we focus on the Main Living areas but can add the spare bedrooms if needed. 

Other Services

Shopping Service

Redesigns or Staging to Live Consultation is - For clients that aren't listing for sale and would like recommendations to update their space.

Consultations for Downsizing- Consultations for recommendations for storage, movers, what to do with extra items no longer needed etc.